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Welcome to Matagorda Island, Texas


Matagorda Island, Texas


Matagorda Island, located on the mid-Texas coast in Calhoun County, is about 38 miles long and averages


Matagorda Island is very important in United States and Texas history.  It is also important

about 1 1/2 miles in width.  The north-eastern end is on Pass Cavallo, the entrance to Matagorda Bay from the Gulf of Mexico.  This is the spot where the French explorer, Rene Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle landed on February 15, 1685, on his ill-fated mission, and established his first base.  This was not far from where the wreckage of the bark, La Belle, one of La Salle's ships, was retrieved from Matagorda Bay in the summer of 1996... [more]

Several of the original settlers
are buried on Matagorda Island

to the heirs of the early settlers location.  They staked their fortunes, future and even their lives on its sandy shores and invested heavily, but overlooked a key unknown factor; the U.S. government (and the greed of certain individuals).  The heirs of the original settlers lost their Matagorda Island homes and land to the United States government, after having survived hurricanes, droughts, blizzards, and many other adversities....[more] 2006
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